Hey all i recently asked you guys to help me choose an amp from this 2nd hand store.. you have and ive decided to get this one for £39 :

Peavey Blazer 158


The other amps in the store suck so i'm going with this for home practice and possible jamming with a friend.

Now i know the amp won't give me the perfect metal sound or effects and i came across an ad for a :

Behringer V Amp 2 for £45


Would it be worth me buying it? I can use it with different amps as i progress and it has many settings so it will last a good while, right?

Whats your opinions? Get both or just one? (I currently have no amp)
I have a cheapy strat currently, nothing special as im waiting until next year to buy a nice guitar which will last me a good while.

Look forward to reading replies !

get a line 6 tone port (cheapest one is 70, they have the same software..diffrences are inputs and ****) for 70ish usd

and decent studio headphones for 50ish usd.

youll have a good sounding rig for bedroom practice.
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