i've played guitar for 7 years now but never looked much into changing any of my pick-ups, untill recently.

i play an Ibanez S470 deluxe and go through a Fender 90 watt amp, i dont know any more about the amp im afraid, just says Deluxe 90 on it.

the thing is, i'm looking for an extreme mix of sounds, i play metal and pink floyd style, so ideally i'd like something for metal in the Bridge position, and something for a Pink Floyd Dave Gilmour sound in the Neck position. i think that would be the best way to do it anyway.

I find that when i combine the middle pick up with the bridge or neck i also get a lovely tone, so i would also be up for changing the middle pick up if anyone can recommend anything that would allow me to keep that lovely combined tone (its hard to describe, hopefully you know what kind of sound i mean)

Any advice would be very much appreciated because as of now i don't really have a clue what to go with. I know changing my amp would probably make more of a difference in tone but i cant really afford that right now, but i would like to change me stock ibanez pick ups.

Hmm. That's tough.
Gilmour uses single coils, but maybe a SD '59 would work if you want his midrange-heavy sound. The '59 matches really well with the JB, which works nicely for metal.
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