Been playing guitar for about 6 month now, but I got a problem, I have permanently (can be fixed but a chance it'll render my arm usless XD) dislocated elbows, which means I cant get full rotation from my wrist, and its difficult to manouver around the fretboard. I like playing metal, and I can only use my index finger at arounf the 7th fret which isnt good for the low notes where you are playing on the 1st 3 or 4 frets. I was wondering if theres any way to alleviate this, I just want to see if there is anything I havent tried.

And I may as well chuck a 'which 2nd guitar' in too. I'msaving up for a new guitar and I'm aiming for something £100-150 ($200-300) I have found some possibilities (yes I want good looks and good sound XD). Right now I got a crappy chinese strat with a crappy amp (you need headphones to hear the slightest bit of distortion)

BC Rich Warlock
Dean Vendetta XM
Ibanez GAX 30
BC Rich Virgo
Squier OBEY telecaster
Jackson JS30 RR
And pushing it a bit is an ESP LTD AX-50
any reccomendations would be appretiated

thanks in advance
I have an Ibanez GRG170DX that I bought for $250 USD, and I think it was well worth the price.
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Quote by Reds3031
I have an Ibanez GRG170DX that I bought for $250 USD, and I think it was well worth the price.

oooh looks cool, another possibilty thanks
I think if you can't play the guitar to it's fullest, why are you spending money on it?
I'm not syaing give up.
But I'd advise you to do something that would be more forfilling(sp?) than being able to play half a guitar
And if you end up geting the surgery, you'll be in my thoughts, words, heart. Good luck with all your future endevours(sp?)
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I will say however, that the neck humbucker and single coil in the middle are both terrible pickups. The tremolo on the GRG170DX can only be pushed downwards, but the guitar stays in tune very well even with repeated use of the whammy bar. It has a thin, sleek neck, but the action may be just a little bit too high at the highest frets even though my bridge sits flat against the guitar body. It has a good sound considering the price I paid for it, and I think it emphasizes treble sounds quite well, but the bass doesn't have the punch I want it to have. The guitar also has poor sustain, but that doesn't affect me much. It gives me the high gain tones that I need to play metal with, but playing with a light overdrive I don't like it. Clean tones are good for a $250 guitar, but nothing special. If you play this in store, use the bridge humbucker and have the tone knob on ten if you are playing metal. It is built very well, and I have only had one minor issue with it. In short, I am happy with my purchase and think that this guitar is definitely worth the price, but will not blow you away.

I hope your elbows heal so you can play again
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