my dunlop wah doesnt work it passes signal just fine when its off. when i try to turn it on (yes with a new battery) the signal goes completely blank. and its not something simple like a cable or battery. what is all of your opinions
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actually yeah im bored and have nothing to do except worry about my pedal i love that thing
Bad switch?
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did you check ALL the wires? if so, i don't know
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yep checked all the wires they are all closed circuts but somewhere the is a open the best i oculd get is the greound in the pot is out and to just buy a new pot but i was wondering if anyone else had troubles like that and i was wrong like usual
yeah the bad thing is is mu pedals from like the 80's or somethin and it has noplace for a source it has like another minature 1/8 plug on the sde no clue what its for
If it's THAT old, you may want to pry it open and check to make sure everything is still connected. If you have one, take a multimeter, find the schematics and the resistance of all of the parts in there, and check it to make sure it's all hooked up right.

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