well i just started up a band with a few people I met at school. We've all been playing for about five years, and were all pretty good, but we really can't agree on any cover songs to learn. We want to learn about 10 songs, and play those before we started writing our own. Just to kind of get playing together down, and just to play some songs people know.

We really can't decide on any songs, so i thought why not ask UG, were all pretty good, and difficulty really isn't that big of an issue. We want songs, so when we play for people the first time, they're just like WOW!!! And not songs like you normally hear, b/c i mean we all know back in black, and stuff like that, and we do want some variety.

thnx for the help

as of now were doing:

Metallica - Master of puppets
I'm gonna suggest Led Zeppelin, even though they only had one guitarist (I'm assuming you have two). "Black Dog", "The Ocean", "Over The Hills and Far Away" all can help a band keep time together. Tougher tracks would be from Megadeth, and to get your harmonizing in shape, check out some Iron Maiden.

Edit: Of course, anything from Guns N' Roses is fun to jam to.
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black dog by zeppelin is fun to play. try some system of a down too if you're into that
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Do you like Coheed? Do Welcome home or play some Killswitch

Edit: 5 years means you got some exp. but im not sure of your skills so i dont wanna shout out something too.... i dont know....difficult?
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I would check out some of Coheed and Cambria's harder songs, like Devil In Jersey City, Gravemakers and Gunslingers, or No World for Tomorrow. Itll help your bass player to get better, as there bass stuff is moderately difficult. Some Maiden would be cool, some Mastodon if you guys can do it, and pretty much any other MOP Metallica song.
it depends on what kind of music you like if it was my band i would play make a move(wake up) by the lostprophets, image of the invisible by thrice, or maybe remember to feel real from armor for sleep. i know from being in a band myself its not so much the music as it is the stage persence, you want stuff people know and you can rock to. its not easy but you'll figure out what to play haha.
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Do you like Coheed? Do Welcome home or play some Killswitch

Edit: 5 years means you got some exp. but im not sure of your skills so i dont wanna shout out something too.... i dont know....difficult?

we were kind of trying to stay away from coheed and cambria, not a big fan.

but i mean if you have any ideas shout'em out, like i said before difficulty isn't really that big of a problem
difficulty isnt a problem? try kissing the shadows by children of bodom or scarified by racer x :P

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I suggest Damage Inc. and For Whom The Bell Tolls. both are by metallica in case you didnt know. also some hendrix could be fun.
I'm guessing ur in high school, college maybe? Find what your target audience will like. Being a musician is great, but it helps a lot if you play stuff that people will enjoy. Your band could play some really bizarre exploratory alt/prog rock that will impress the hell out of fellow artist/musicians, but you won't have much for an audience.

Figure out your motivations for playing in the band. If it's something as simple as get laid/be a rock god, then go from there. If it's something as complex as exploring and expressing your creative self and youthful angst, then having an appreciative audience won't mean much to you. Playing a bunch of bad-ass metal will get you street cred with a bunch of angry guys, but the girls will run.

Ask a bunch of your peers what they'd want to listen to on a Fri/Sat night that won't make them feel like they wasted a weekend.

You're gonna get a million different answers on this one.