I'm trying to learn this bach peice on bass, but I'm having problems with the first bar...
it goes

all 16ths

Anyways, when I play the first 3 notes, my pinky curls all the way up and it slows me down when it has to come from a fully contracted position onto the 13th, then it pulls back again when I hit the next note.
Do ya get what I'm saying?
I mean it wouldn't be a HUGE deal, But the peice is at 100BPM and I can only play this mesure CLEANLY at 80BPM because of my pinky.
It just really bothers me to start out a peice so crappily.

So any suggestions on how to alleviate this?
Or is it just a problem I'll have to work through
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Just slow it down until you can really think about what you're doing and force your pinky to be in the right place then keep playing at that speed until you don't have to think about it anymore, then you can start speeding up to tempo.
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