Ok, so I'd like to get an idea of what my future rig wil be. But alot some of the stuff I want i don't have much experence with so I'll ask you guys! I need to have a versatile tone, that can do metal just as well as I can do punk, blues and cleans.

I currently use a B-52 AT100 head and a 4x12 cab. Price suggestions are in american dollars.

Ok, so below is a list stuff I'd like to add to my rig.

The first thing I'd like is new pickups for a LP style guitar. I plan on buying one of the agile guitars and adding some new pickups to it.
These pickups must be:
High Gain bridge pickup, with a good mid and bass punch.
Low-Mid Gain pickup, with smooth distortion. Good bright cleans.

I was thinking maybe a Rockfield SVW or Mafia in the bridge and a SD '59 or Dimarzio PAF pro in the neck, good choices? Lets keep it under or around 150 bucks for both pickups.

New speakers for my cab:
Smooth heavy distortion, as well as good cleans. Vintage 30/Greenback mix maybe?
Lets keep it under or around 400 bucks for 4 speakers.

Rack Mounted tuner: Erm, i don't have much expereince here. Korg maybe? Lets just have it not alter my tone any. Under or around 150-200 bucks.

OD pedal: Need a good heavy metal pedal. I'll just stomp on it to turn it off for when I need a good mid gain tone. TS9 or OD808 maybe? Under 150 bucks.

Compressor pedal: To help smooth out my solos and whatnot. Under or around 150 bucks. DURABILITY!

Supressor/Noise gate pedal: Something that will help tame the high gain hiss.

Wah Pedal: Don't have much expereince here. If you've heard Turbonegro, I like Euroboys wah. Around 150 bucks.

Wireless Kit: So I don't have to be tied to my amp. Lets keep it as analog sounding as possible. Under 300 bucks. Is probably the least important thing on my list.

You don't have to suggest somethign for everything. If you've only got expereince in one area then only suggest there. Help is greatly apreciated
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He may be a troll, but he's an incredibly successful troll. So kudos on that.
that's a lot of words! i don't know that much stuff about that stuff, so i'm not help
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Vintage 30s, boss TU-2 pedal tuner ftw
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id say go to a music store and try different equipment out see what you like

Ah, thats a bit of a problem. I live in a rural area, and I don't like most of the brands my local music store caries.
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He may be a troll, but he's an incredibly successful troll. So kudos on that.
id go with an epi LP, a boss me-50 multi effects, celstion speakers, preferebly a marshall head and cabs and a guitar bug probably
Yeah, just a bit.

I've already got the amp I want. Its just additions to make my tone just that little tiny bit better.
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He may be a troll, but he's an incredibly successful troll. So kudos on that.
clean: Vox wah
Mid gain: Fulltone clyde, rmc
High gain: Rmc wheels of fire, crybaby from hell

Tuner: Look for true bypass, wont alter tone.

noise gate: isp decimator

OD: mi audio tube zone, best od ive heard

Compressor: mxr compressor. boss compressor.

hopes that helps instead of saying, "that's a lot of words! i don't know that much stuff about that stuff, so i'm not help"
Wah: Ibanez WD-7. It's a great, versatile wah. It's not really a classic rock wah, it's not quite as "fat" as a good Vox for that sound that no one seems to be able to describe, but everyone seems to think is a desireable wah tone.

But: it makes up for this with its UNPARALLELED versatility, and ability to achieve sounds that no other wah can. Listen to Steve Vai if you want a sample of one of the extremes that it can go to. (Dragonforce use them too, but their wah skills are nothing to speak of.)

It can also go for a more middle sound, and it also has an awesome switch that sets it to low frequencies for use with bass, or for playing crushing metal.
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I love my Maxon OD-9 but I like my friends OD-9 pro+ better. My Boss NS-2 works great for hiss and feedback. Go with Maxon over Ibanez OD's IMO. I have a Bad Monkey also and is really great too though.
1. Bridge Pickup - DiMarzio Tone Zone, Breed or Evolution, could go with a SD JB as well. Neck - I'm REALLY liking the PAF Pro in my RG3120, thing is amazing, the '59 is ok, but fails in comparison by a long shot compared to the PAF Pro for leads, cleans, etc (imo). I've yet to play a BC Rich with Rockfield pickups I like.

2. Speakers - Check out WareHouse speakers. You can get clones of both the V30 and Greenback there for 1/3 the price, their current run of V30 clones is also thought of as better than the Celestions they're modeled after and Mako uses them in their cabs. However, I'd suggest you just get a new cab with better speakers already in them. The speakers will change the sound, but the dimensions of the cab and wood it's made out of are also going to play a big part in its sound.

3. Tuner - Honestly not sure here, I just use a Planet Waves pedal tuner which works fine for me, but I think I'd probably go with some kinda Korg if I got a rackmount one.

4. OD - Maxon OD-808, Fulltone OCD/Fulldrive or Krank Krankshaft if you need the added aggressiveness.

5. Compressor - MXR DynaComp or SuperComp

6. Suppressor - ISP Decimator

7. Wah - Some kinda Real McCoy Wah would be my choice.

8. Wireless - In the $300 range there's not really much that I'd use.
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