Looking at buying a slightly used

Mesa Boogie 4x12 Rectifier Standard Slant Guitar Cab

Guy is asking $599.
Comes with original packaging and paperwork.
Warranty is still active as well.


Thanks for your thoughts.

Yeah, great deal. Go for it.
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Well there are Mesa dealers in the area, but none are really that close.
I cannot find anything online with the retail price of this cabinet.

I was hoping to hear from some owners on their thoughts.
The cab retails for 900 new. I would jump on that cab if I were in the market for one. But after buying my 2x12, I never wanna lug a 4x12 ever again.
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Don't turn it down they are really nice cabs. I have a 2x12 and that is plenty.
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hell yea! I payed about that much for a new 2x12 from Mesa. Jump on it!
I think I'd go for a Mills Acoustics 2x12 or Port City 2x12. The 4x12 rectos are somewhat flabby. FLCLcowdude told me the other night that his 2x12 Roadking cabinet sounded better than the 4x12 recto cab.
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would you say a ported 2x12 is going to be better than a Mesa 2x12? obviously it will sound bigger, but will it stay tight and focused like a closed 2x12?
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Well I am going to try out the cab Saturday.
If I want it, I can get it for $550.

To me, the deal sounds too good to pass up....