So I just got some money for my 16th birthday (it was yesterday ), and wanted to ask UG what they think I should buy. I have about $300. I don't want to spend all of it on something though. I just want everyone's opinion on if I should upgrade or buy a pedal or two. And tell me what you think I should get. I play mostly metal.

I have



I don't gig or anything so I don't need anything really expensive/good right now. I was thinking about getting a distortion pedal or the Digitech RP250. Is the RP250 good or should I just go with single effect pedals?
Upgrade that amp!!!! I suggest a Blackheart stack, and get an OD pedal later. I think the RP is fine right now, but i would get single pedals sometime later, when you know exactly what you want.
I should've known everyone would say the amp. Anyone know anything a little cheaper than what they mentioned? Maybe around like $100-150 or something. I want to use some of the money for something else too.
I have the RP250 and like it quite a bit for delay, flanger and wah. disto is not as good so i'm prolly gonna get a Bad Monkey or Tubescreamer.

BUT - your amp should be your first choice and you can get a Fender Superchamp for $300 new. My Peavey Valveking was $409 new. There are others that will give you some other suggestions but try to focus on a tube amp first and don't make the mistakes I've made.