Lately my guitar and or Amp has been acting really wierd. First the guitar is a fender squier and the amp is a fender squier champ 15.

It all started with my pickup selector, for a whole day the only playable pickup was the middle selection. The other two buzzed horrible in my amp while the middle was as usual clean.

The next day it was like that problem never happened and all was fine. This was 2weeks ago

Well today on my guitar where the power chord plugs in from the amp, the screw was getting lose. So I took it apart and tightened the screw.

Now the amp goes from loud to soft, I can hear my fingers touch the strings it kinda sounds like distoration is on, and none of the pickup's are playable.

I've only been playing for 3month's so I have no idea how I should take care of this problem.
My vote is screwed up wiring. Bring it to a tech :/

The guitar, I mean.
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