It's my little brothers birthday and he wants to get a guitar. He only has about a $200 dollar budget. What do u suggest he gets with this money. (Guitar/Amp)
Martin travel guitar, acoustic. Don't waste his money on a cheap electric/amp combo. Either that or a reasonable, used electric. A Godin SD would be a good buy if you can find one for that price.
What if he were to just get a Guitar? What should he get for around $200. He could just use my amp that i use. I already have a 75w Spider III, a Yamaha PAC112J and an Ibanez acoustic guitar.
Go for a Peavey Backstage Amp, 10W...60$
For a cheap guitar, try the Squier Bullet Strat. I think Dean also make cheap starter guitars. If you're willing to spend more, try a cheap LTD or Ibanez.