I'm planning on selling my RG prestige and highway one strat and looking for an upgrade. I'm a lefty so I'm pretty limted but I've got a few I've been checking out. I play most styles of rock so I need alot of versitility but my main focus would be getting a solid lead tone for stuff like Hillsong United, Desperation band, Lincoln Brewster, etc. I also need to get good cleans and a solid rythme tone think Rise Against. Right now I'm play at church with a Line 6 Flextone III but I'm getting a Pod X3 in a month or so. I also have a Carvin V3 but if everything goes good with the X3 I'll probably sell it for a Hot rod Deluxe. Now onto the guitars.....

Musicman Silhouette Special HSS
Fender American Delxue(I plan on swaping the bridge pickup for a rail or humbucker)

I'm open to other suggestion to just remmeber I need a lefty model......

Listen to the lead guitar in these videos to get an idea of what I'm going for.....




An here's Rise against if you didnt already know who they were.....

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Wow I'm suprised I havent had a single suggestion yet, I used to get 10 or 20 in the first hour I'd post a thread. I know most you guys don't like chrsitian stuff but I posted links to the videos so you could hear the guitar and not have to search for it. Well I guess I'll just try and find them in stock somewhere.....
Well, you've got a Strat in the first, possibly a Les Paul in the second, an SG in the 3rd, and it looks like Les Pauls in the last video.

I'm not sure either of the guitars you linked would be the best for you, but an HSS Strat with a rosewood fretboard might sound pretty good... I'm not familiar with your amp. The thing is that Strats, by ... design, are bright, kind of twangy, where as you kind of want the chugga chugga of a Les Paul or an SG. I wonder if an ESP Eclipse would work? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-Eclipse-II-Flame-Maple-Vintage-Honey-Burst-Electric-Guitar?sku=515957