So I got a warning letter from my ISP for downloading a game. Rogers can go gently caress themselves.

I'm thinking of calling them up to complain, since I actually do own a genuine copy of the game and was merely downloading for backup purposes.

So, if anyone can confirm this, is filesharing legal if you are merely doing it to back up a product you already own?
i think it is just unlawful in ontario as long as there is no money involved it is not illegal based on our current laws but i am not quite sure exactly

if it was illegal you would already be charged and your computer probably taken for evedence
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I got an email from Maxis because I downloaded a copy of the Sims, for the exact same reason.
Then I told them I already had a copy, and that they could shut up and suck it and stop blaming me for **** I didn't do.

They kindly agreed.
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well you can't blame them, they're just trying to cover their own asses and there was no way of them knowing that you really had a genuine copy.
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Well, what's even more odd is that Rogers didn't really spell out any definite consequences, such as the termination of my account.

It seems that the email's point was just to let me know that Rogers knew I had downloaded this one game at one point. In addition, it looks like they only became aware of it this one time because some anti-piracy organization in the US had complained to Rogers.

I've also downloaded gigabytes upon gigabytes of files before without such warnings. It seems that ISPs only act like this when some anti-piracy organization (usually monitoring a new, popular torrent or place to download files) complains to them.
Is this the case in B.C. too? Or is it just an Ontario thing?
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stealing is stealing, but you may have a slightly more legal loophole here. even so, 99% of the time you do it, its going to be illegal.
I have no opinion on this matter.
...but people still do it and no body really cares... I mean cops aren't bustin' in doors and destroying your computer are they?
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...but people still do it and no body really cares... I mean cops aren't bustin' in doors and destroying your computer are they?
na, they just charge you six grand and walk away whistling dixie.
I have no opinion on this matter.
It's legal to download something that you already got legally. That's part of the reason filesharing sites aren't shut down.