This song was writen a year ago. I recently reworte parts of it and did a better recording of it.
Guitars/bass/vocals - all me.
The drums and strings are midi controlled.

The song is in my profile.
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Nice little introduction, and nice vocals, Nice lead melody over the chorus, simple and sounds quiet nice

Very emotional lyrics which are well constructed

The bass seems to Fuzzy in some parts, if u no what what i mean, that just mic just be that its not EQ or anything

The song structure is quiet simple Verse Chorus, VErse Chorus, Bridge

More Dynamics are added in the third verse via the strings, which is good cause its making the listen take more note of it,

Little Outro melody sounds quiet sweet

Overall i find it a good little song, the recording isnt the best but even with its natural feel we as the listeners are able to get the WHOLE point of the song well done
Good song, though its not my style. The vocals sound very out in front, need reverb or something, also I think you were too close to the mic when singing because there are a few "puhs" and breathing is very loud. But those things aside, nice song.
very nice. nice and laid back. vocals are good, they get the job done. guitaris good, its not overdoing it. the lyrics dont sound sappy at all, which i think is hard to do when when trying to write a serious song. good job

take a look at min if you would like. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=847637

cheers kind sir
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I think this would be great if you just make the vocals a little less overpowering, the actual vocals are good though. Nice song
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