I always read about people that want to break their habit of down picking. For some reason, I almost always up pick. Is this weird?
I'm gonna sound like a fag for saying this, but as they say, "Different strokes for different folks."

There has shown to be a tendency of some people to do things the other way around, but the executions for said people ended a couple of centuries ago, so you'll be fine.
marty friedman tends to favour up picking more than downpicking and he's pretty amazing
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Quote by esp-ltd
paul gilbert admitted thats what he did at first, now look at him

Beat me to it, but yup.
I mean if it works then it doesnt matter. All great guitar players play different ways
I thought I was the only one that favored up instead of down . I noticed I do my best pinch harmonics on the up-stroke as well.

I second that! Though I mostly alternate pick and when it's called for, down pick, I have also noticed that squealies are much easier and more brutal when I up pick... Plus its easier for me to bend up when my pick is already headed in that direction...
^--- Yep! I agree with you. I do the same most of the time (alternate pick). I was down-picking most notes in the beginning but forced myself to alternate-pick (it's just faster ) because I could certainly see the value in it.

As far as "squealies"...I seem to naturally hit my pointer coming on the up-stroke when choking the pick for that purpose. I can get them with my thumb too but it just seems more awkward to do so . Yea, I know....practice lol.