Right now I have the Ibanez IC400 with the Ah-1 pickups or something like that but I want to upgrade the pickups to get a better sound.

The pickups the Iceman came with are OK but not the greatest. So I need advice on what some good pickups could be. I was thinking EMGs, but I was also considering JB 59s.

I play every style so I was thinking the JBs might be a little more diverse.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
emgs! bro with the tube amp they will smoke ur amp!
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I have Breeds in my Iceman, it's a beast - however it does sound VERY fat and very warm. If that's not your style then maybe stick some Duncan's in it, Custom and a Jazz if you're looking for a more metal oriented sound, Custom 5 and a 59 if you want a bit more of an all-rounder with more organic tones.
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Thanks guys I'm thinkin Im just have to try some out, see what I like