I'm considering swapping my pick guard off of my American Strat. I want one of those sparkly, marble type ones... like the ones you find on Deluxe MIA's. My guitar is Olympic white with a maple fretboard. Any suggestions as to what colour I should get? I'm thinking perhaps something a little darker to sort of clash with the white. I'm open to suggestions, though.
Who's guitar is it ? Yours

Who's the only one who should like it ? You

What do you like ? You have you answer.
The sparkly white ones are called Pearl Pickguards, and they usually look nice on any strat. The best choice might be the tortoiseshell pickguard, but those are hard to find for strats.

Here's a nice one that might suit your needs (but make sure it's compatible with your strat before buying!!)


The black pearl one sounds like the one you're looking for.
Seeing as how the above response is useless...

I like the look of black pickguards on white strats. I don't know if you could find it in the "marbly" look.

I've also seen one with a red pickguard that was pretty cool looking.

Just my two cents, though.

Edit: My first statement was directed at the first guy that replied. Just making sure I don't offend anyone else.