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14 38%
23 62%
Voters: 37.
I can buy one guitar...not really sure why but I'll take it.
Anyway, I got my choices between


Martin D-12X1(12 string acoustic)

or a

Fender American Standard Telecaster.

I suppose if I get one or the other, I can get the one that I didn't get later (maybe 6 months).
I think the tele would have a bit more versatility. I always thought twelve strings were very limited.
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What style music do you play/like?

What do you want to be able to do with the guitar?
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well, do you want an acoustic or an electric? how is this so hard?
I have no opinion on this matter.
dude its almost summertime. get the acoustic and wow the girls with it, definitely the way to go, cause you can get the strat and have that to play indoors during the winter. thats my take on the situation
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I want a martin 6 string really bad, but I also want the new white hellraiser... I feel your pain bro, but my problem solved itself as I am broke and saving for a motorcylce
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Telecaster. They sound great clean, and it's electric, so of course, you can do some distorted rock/metal stuff with it too. Also, I find electrics MUCH easier to play, especially compared to 12 string acoustics.