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Stationary Bicycle
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Quick question:

Regarding gym equipment, what do you find produces the best results concerning weight loss?

I normally use the elliptical to work out my lower body whist burning calories, but I need to focus on losing some fat in my stomach region, so out of a treadmill, elliptical, or bike (stationary), which would be best for losing weight in this area?

I'm already doing sit ups and doing free weights for my pectorals, but I would prefer speeding the process by using a cardio machine.
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find a hill and do some sprints up it. and eat better.

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i duno lol. tihs r liek wen i traid drawn maiself n teh t0ilit.



gess i cant dai.

i got one, it literally blows.

seriously, dont buy a bowflex, they blow.
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I have a bowflex... the leg stuff sucks for it but everything else is good. Basically, watch your diet, work every muscle group 2x a week, and do cardio following workouts.
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It's better and more fun to just go out and jog, like early in the morning or something.
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You can't target weight loss. It'll come off from everywhere or nowhere.

Exactly. You can't choose where to lose fat.

As for which cardio machine, they all burn calories, so one doesn't necessarily "work better" than the other; if you put the same effort into each machine, you're likely to burn the same amount of calories on each machine.

Personally, I used the stationary bike. First off, make sure the seat is rather high, but not high enough to be able to fully extend your knees. Then what I do (and did when I lost like 30 pounds in 3 months) is set the resistance pretty high and do 4 minutes of warm up at like 60 rpm. Then do 1.5 mins of as fast as you can (with a high resistance this should be about 90-110 rpm depending on how strong your legs are), followed by 1.5 mins of like 50 rpm. Then 1 minute of full effort again, then 1 minute of slow down, and then do it again, 30 seconds of full effort, 30 seconds of rest. This totals to exactly 10 minutes and if you did it right you should be breathing pretty heavily now and should have burned roughly 200 calories.

You can repeat this 10 minute cycle again, 3 times, 4 times, whatever you can handle. But it basically boils down to roughly 10 calories per minute. Of course you could do this at a constant 70-75 rpm on high resistance but that can get boring real quick.