So for a school project I have to make a movie with windows movie maker, and I made the poor choice of opting to turn it in tommarow. This is doable if I can overcome this one little obstacle. I need the sound from one video to play the entire time, while the optical part of a few different files play over the top. Does anyone know how to seperate the sound file from the main video so I can place the other pictures over it? Currently the video and sound load up together and I cant place new images on top. Thanks
Thats the problem I need them seperate so I can layer a different video over the audio, its a choir singing and I need the audio to stay so I can layer the video I've taken of the landscape over there voice. (Perhaps thats clearer then post above)
I'm sure there's a program you can use to do that. If not, you can always run an audio cord from your headphone slot to your microphone slot, turn your volume down pretty low, then start recording with audacity or something and let the video play. Then, you can use that recorded sound in the background.