Hello all, my first post here because I'm trying to decipher this tab. I just can't seem to figure out what I need to do. If anyone can help explain this I would be grateful. I'm guessing it means:
1. Bend the 5 th fret up a whole step so it sounds like I'm plucking the 7th fret?
2. Then somehow do a pull off onto the same string I'm already on(WTF)? Or does it mean the (7) is a ghost note and I should pluck 5 then ghost 7 then Pull off from a ghost?

I know I'm completely wrong but hopefully this helps explain what is confusing me. To my knowledge the hill curves above (7) 5 3 mean a hammer on or pull off right? Please help explain this tab if you can. P.S. I believe the B and R mean Bend And Release. This is from my scanned copy of Wish you were here by Pink Floyd. I would really like to figure this out for future tab as well.

I think the curves mean slide. Check the back of the book for translations.
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5/7 would mean a slide in tab and 5/7 with a hill curve means a legato slide(You only pluck the first fret) Unfortunately the back of the book doesn't have any Tab Notation like most of my other tab books. The hill curve above 5 7 would mean hammer onto 7 from 5. And the curve above 7 5 would mean to pull off from 7 to 5. Whats tripping me up in this tab most I think is the bend and release part since Ive never seen it in this formation.

I've seen a bend notated as 5b7 and 5b(7). And from all other tab something by its self in parenthesis means to ghost it ex (7).

Anyway as mentioned the damn book doesn't help at all so if someone that knows tab could help it'd be a big help thanks.
Quote by Iktis
5 bend to 7 pull off to 5 from 7 and pull off to 3 from 5

this, fifth fret bent up 1 step then release the bend to normal pitch and pull offto third fret
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Awesome that makes sense thanks peeps. After I get it perfect i'll make sure to tab out an internet tab with more familiar tab notation to share.
Totally understand your confusion with this one - the TAB has been very badly written in this case. The curves (slurs) should only be used by themselves in the TAB stave to denote hammer-ons or pull offs or to indicate legato slides, and using B & R instead of correctly notating a pre-bend and release with arrows as you'd expect is just lazy!

Out of interest which book is this from, and who is the publisher?
Its called Pink Floyd Guitar Anthology and its published by Carish. I ended up finding this great video over at you tube which actually sounds closer to the recording then the tab book. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3YCeEw9sME the chords and rythm are spot on from the tab book but as always when It comes to playing the cool part the book sucks. Check out this video though if you haven't learned this part of the song yet though. And your right m8 to my knowledge prebends are always notated with the arrow notating how far you bend 1/2 step or whole.