Well to get things started Im 17 and picked up a guitar when I was 15. I have been playing off and on within these two years, not being very dedicated. But now I am, Slash being the model guitarist in mind.

I do not have a practice routine at all. I just turn the ipod on and play to some intros to songs. Wait, theres the problem. I get so damn lazy (skill level has an effect as well) that I can never learn a song all the way through. As we all know, most intros are quite simple. So I learn what I can then I'll hit a solo that isnt too hard but I will give up after 20 minutes of trying. I have an attitude to where I have to get it right that day or i wont do it. Sucks I know.

So I need a solid practice routine (please suggest one) and I would like to know how you guys get through a whole song without just giving up.

Sorry for this being so long.

Thanks in advance
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Learn scales to warm up your hands and brain. As far as playing a song fully goes, learn the rhythm track and don't concern yourself with the leads. Playing songs with just a lead doesn't really work.
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word you sound like me all over again. I had the same exact situation until i got into college, now im 22 and modding my own gear.

Heres what you gotta do. First off make time everyday to play. What i did when i first really got into it is, instead of going out at night id get a 12 pack and sit down with some songs that i thought were sick and just try to jam to them. After you do this youll start to get a good feel for the sound of the music. Then you really have to sit down and learn the songs you want to play. Learn how to play easy songs, then deconstruct them. What makes them cool? How can you use that as a stepping stone?

Then i would suggest theory at the same time. That part is kinda sucky at first, but trust me once you know why something works you find out how to make something sound cool without staring at the computer for six hours trting to nail a ****ty solo.

Good luck, and im sure more intelligent people will give you more academic advice, i however actually did this particular strategy and i can now play guitar, bass, viola, and keyboards.
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hmm its important to learn the whole song and not just part of it like the intro or solo etc .. thats what most guitarist do i guess. When u encounter a difficult riff or solo, the most important thing is to have a positive mind and look forward to overcoming it. Start playing it real slow with a metronome and slow increase the bpm once u can play it flawlessly and cleanly. Dun worry about getting it up to tempo because speed will come naturally.

Regarding the practice routine.. what i do is

1) warm up fer about to 10 mins
2) practice scales for about 15mins
3) practice alternate picking fer about 45mins
4) practice sweep picking for about 30 mins
5) practice legato for about 30mins
6) practice the song that im currently learning fer about 30mins
7) improvise and make my own stuff for about 30mins

may not be the best routine but i guess it works for me. i usually mix around the order like improvise first then practice techniques late on because i will lose the motivation if i keep on practicing techniques. It gets tedious and boring after awhile but still its vital so i need some motivation to make me want to practice it because thats the whole point of practicing.

Hope this helps
when learning solos...dont learn it all in one day if its giving you trouble.

learn about 15 notes and have it nailed to where you can rock that 15notes harder than anybody! Then do another 15 the next day!!

pretty soon you have the whole solo!

Thanks guys, I'm taking all this into consideration now.
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Columbine sounds like a cool name.

If you want controversy, call your band Seung-Hui Cho & The Tech Students.

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when learning a solo, break it up into chunks and keep one chunk until you got it perfectly, then the next chunk and so on.

i try to get some homework from my teachers to do as my practice, except for thursday nights, i lock my door throw on a backing track and just jam. you learn more if it's fun trust me.
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