i'm planning to upgrade the pickups of my ibanez rg, H-S-H, but i want active neck and bridge pickups emg's or blackouts, with the middle single coil passive.

would be there any problem installing them? should i change the audio pot or the 5 way switch selector?

my other option is to buy the metal mayhem PU set (sh-6 distortion), any opinions?
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not really, the active pups are gonna **** around with your passive ones especially if they are connected together. The only was I really know of using both is a seperate switch to select which pup you want going to your amp so the signals never get mixed
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It's possible, but extremely impractical and difficult. You'd need separate pots and input jacks, and then you'd have to worry about drop-offs in volume.

If you want to go active, get an EMG SA in the middle. Otherwise, look at the DiMarzio D-Activators, which are essentially passive pickups with active tone/output and added clarity.
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Hi I did this a while ago on one of my guitars. Had a nice effect because I had an ACTIVE EMG 81 on the bridge and a Passive HZ on the neck. Without an afterburner or other active set up you can only mix pickups with a 2 pickup arrangement and DPDT switch to substitute the pickup selection switch. Get the passive set is my suggestion, even though the blackouts do look really nice .
It's not worth doing on an HSH guitar, I'm not even sure if it's possible but if it is you'll lose positions 2 and 4 and also have a nightmare with volume differentials.

More to the point, you're not going to get any major benefit from active pickups with your amps, you're much better off sticking with passives.
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