you probably won't get much if you try to sell it, but it looks like a nice project guitar.

give it a sweet paint job, maybe some nice hardware and pups, just for fun

EDIT: Check out the Gear Building and Customizing thread for some ideas and tutorials on guitar modding.
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I have that guitar. Has a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, GFS hotrail in the neck, Fender single coil in the middle. I also added stainless steel saddles, and made it have 5 spring in the tremolo cavity instead of 3. Oh, also added roller string trees. The action on it is SUPERB... sounds great too. I'll post pics here a little later.

EDIT: Here are the pictures.

I'm not really happy with the color theme of the guitar.. but that's not too important right now. Those are abalone and black painted brass knobs in case you're wondering.
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