After learning how to play with my first guitar, Jasmine, i am starting to hate it. The strings are pretty far from the guitar neck i believe and it makes it hard for me to bar. When i play other guitars, more expensive ones, barring is very easy b/c the strings are much closer to the neck. I am in the market for an acoustic electric and am wondering if anyone can tell me what guitar is good to get. I dont really car about the looks i just want the strings to be as close to the neck as possible without any vibrations. Please let me know what you guys know. The pric range am i looking at is from $300-$400. Thanks
You could get your Jasmine setup properly so it plays better.

Failing that, your main options are the Alvarez AD60SC or a Takamine G series (cant remember exact models). Both have good pickup systems (Takamine maybe has the better of the two) and both play well, sound good and are of very high quality all round.
How exactly would i set it up properly? Ill look into the takamines and alvarez...

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You really don't have to buy a new guitar

All you have to do it set the strings closer to the neck?

I'm not sure if you can do this on a Jasmine, but I can on mine

But if you have to buy a guitar, I'd suggset the Epiphone Dove or Hummingbird

They look cool, and sound amazing
i played a dove at my local music store and it was really easy to play .. the action was nice n low and the neck felt good .. and it sounded great
I think you just need to lower the action of your Jasmine, by sanding the saddle (the piece of plastic or bone) of the bridge. I have a Jasmine too (s34c) and plays nicely, the tone is far from the greatest, but the playability is very decent IMO.
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