This may be a paradoxical question to ask, as people have different opinions, but does anyone know of a brand that feels like a Gibson, that isn't Gibson?

Just curious.
Dean hardtail selects are pretty cheap, good quality and feel very gibson like
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Gretsch duo jet felt really damn close. PRS too
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Edwards is the closest.
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Quote by nyandres
But I like the feel of other guitars better. SO why you want it like gibson?

Because I like the feel of a Gibson/Epiphone. I was just curious as to what other guitars had it.
Because I like the feel of a Gibson/Epiphone. I was just curious as to what other guitars had it.

Oo ok. I just asked cause some people just thing gibson is the end of everything, because its the only brand they know. You, however, sound like you have actually tried them. In that case i say epiphone, or gretsch.
Tokai and Epiphone are the closest I think. I played an LP from a brand called Vintage once that felt real close as well.
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Edwards! Probrably even better than Gibson.

Tokai is also good. So is Burny and Greco. Possibly Grassroots as well.
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My artist has an extremely similar feel. Heavy and tonnes of sustain. I'd imagine the new ones would be close, but probably not in the 11 lb range.

Anyway, they're nice guitars.
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Orvilles.MIJ gibsons they call it.Epiphone replaced them.Sad.They made good copies during thier time