Ok, well I've narrowed it down to two:



I'm really leaning to the first one, but I'd like to know if you guys know of any notable differences between the two. I play Punk, Alternative, Funk, and some Classic Rock stuff just so you guys know.

Thanks for all the help, I hate creating another "help pick my next bass" thread but I haven't been able to decide for a while now and I figured you guys could help me out.
The only difference I think is that the FSR has an ash body and natural finish. Personally I don't think thats worth $50 more. Standard jazz will work just fine for what you play so would a standard p bass
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The only noticeable difference from first glance is the FSR has an ash body. Choosing between ash and alder is largely personal preference. So there you go. I say get the first.

But I will tell you to try out other basses in the same price range. IMO, the Fender MIMs are very hit or miss, and are outclassed by many basses in the same price range. Check out Rockbass by Warwick, Schecter, Ibanez, And some other companies. Or, look used and/or save up more to get a Highway One or a MIA. Those are excellent basses.
i got a MIM jazz bass that friends use since i suck but man that thing is nice
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As everyone else has said, there's not big difference b/w the two basses other than aesthetics.

What is your price range? For a little bit more money (as in $70-100), you can get a G&L Tribute L-2000 bass, which is the bass I've been name-dropping like madsticks, and with good reason. It's probably the most versatile bass in that price range, and is pretty much exactly the same as the G&L American Series L-2000 which is double the price.
I wouldn't get a MIM Fender. I'd get a Squier and use the money you saved to upgrade the hell out of it. I'm doing it to a Squier. For the cost of a MIM, I'm getting a Squier P-bass with a BadAss II bridge, Seymour Duncan Qtr Lb pickup, new pickguard, and a hardshell case and Levys strap.

Also, for $479.99, you can get a better bass. Trabens are pretty cool. Rockbass, Schecter, and even the Ibanez in that price range are better, IMO.