Well i want something with 24 frets, seven strings, preferrebly with a floating trem, or just a trem, but no no-trem, something like the petrucci model from music man, and that is very cheap! i mean like less than 500, know any?

PS: I was thinking in maybe buying a petrucci OLP and then replacing the picks, even if it doesn't have a seventh string, what do you think about it?

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I recommend against seven string if you can get a better 6 stringer for the same price, and you dont already have a nice 6 stringer.

Well i have a js100, thats a nice guitar, but has only 22 frets, thats why i want another one.
Maybe the Ibanez S7520
or the XPT700 (Not sure on thats the name for the XPT 7string)

And also not sure they have 24 frets.

Man, I've recommended the S series about 4 or 5 times today.. lol
Ibanez RG1527 can be had for close to $500 used (if you have the patience to wait it out on eBay or CraigsList), and it's an incredible guitar.