I know practically nothing about tremolos and havent played many.
i recently bought this ibanez( http://ibanez.com/eg/guitar.aspx?m=RGR421EXFM )
and was wondering what tremelos i could have a luthier install that would be paralel with the guitar everytime i let it down( i dont really know how to explain it as i dont know much about them). ithe tremolos i have played also made the strings much higher off the fretboard than a regular bridge. are the all like that?

these questions probably seem dumb to you but i know nothing about tremolo and that is where i need your help?

what is a good one?
I wouldnt do it to that guitar. That is a really nice guitar, for the price, yet the tremolo may be better put in a higher end guitar. I say dont do it. Plus that bridge is nice too.
you probally shoud hve justboughtan ibanez wth the edge three installed or you could just goget a dean or a schecter with an original floyd rose with from what ive heard from an banez user are better than the edge tremolo system, you could get a khaler but ive only seen bc rich with those, or you could go old school and get a fender style tremolo but you probally shouldnt try to install a tremolo on a ibanez just go buy a new one youll save money in the long run

(sorry if any of my words are misspelled my computers being a retard to my keyboard)