Hey there,

My roommate and I are working on starting a band. While we are very far from having a full group, we've been recording a lot of our songs. Most newer bands aren't too interested in making psychedelic music, it's either metal, emo (yuck) or punk, however, if you are into it, you ought to check our music site out.

Feel free to send us a request from your band or self, we like making friends.

Take it easy.

i really like did the mirrors lie..thats some good stuff

recording is great.

cool guitar sounds

very mystical sounding

can hear some Tool, APC influence!

now the only thing i would say is find yourself a drummer and a bassist and these will all sounds 10 times better..and make sure you get the news to me when you've recorded this with drums and bass


To poster one, thank you so much. Hearing that from a muscian adds some legitimacy to the statement.

To poster two, what has you so confused friend?