I got a used motherboard off a friend for cheap, and it seems to have sound drivers embedded with the integrated sound card. The thing is, they don't work, and I can't disable or uninstall them. So are there some third party sound drivers, perhaps, that would override them? I've been trying to fix it but I can't find any drivers for the make of mobo and tomorrow I'm probably just going to buy a cheap sound card. But my mobo has a sound card, so if I can make the drivers work I could save some money. Its driving me crazy.

So are there third party sound drivers, like the omega drivers are for video cards?
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buy a new sound card and disable your current on under the system thing
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buy a new sound card and disable your current one under the system thing

+1. You can pick up any sound card and it will be better than an integrated one anyway. Mine was $25 and it came with creative mediasource and creative file converter, which is excellent I might add.
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