Hi there, this question will mostly adress the peavey 212 valveking and the valveking head owners. I have the valveking 212 almost for 4 months and I can't seem to get a decent distortion. I have a fender strat with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge pos. The overdriven channel of the amp sounds bad, but when I connect a Boss DS-1 it's total crap, my Boss MZ-2 even sounds better. Maybe someone could explain how to use the damn damping controls and how to make better use of the pedals. The distorted sounds are very crunchy and lack warmth.
Probably got a few tubes on the fritz or you're tone deaf O_o also using a DS-1 on this amp should be illegal. I think you might need to read the users manual more to learn what you are doing.
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Read it like.. ten times, even with the given presets the sound ain't too good, I thought there was something with the tubes but the funny thing is that the clean channel sounds great. BTW whats wrong with the DS-1?