i want a guitar with OFR... my price range is like 700$...

can you give some links? i read about an OLP... anyone knows it?
epihone prohpecy's? the em-2 looks amazing
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Get a '84-87' kramer baretta or pacer or even a nightswan if ya can find one, it would have to be second hand obv, but this just means it would be well played in.
I've played £3000+ gibson and PRS custom shops and they didn't even come close to the playability or tone of a kramer, they are just heavenly.
quite hard to find tho, pawn shops, ebay and classified ads would be your best bet to find one.
Schecter C-1 FR...........it think American they are like 700-800 (give or take).................but in Australia they have to be like $1,500
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i think that the epiphone doesn't have OFR... i want one with OFR... someone knows the OLP? is that any good?
Which kind of style do you play? That will most likely have a big impact one which guitars you should be looking at
could check out a peavey wolfgang,

i think the OLP ya thinking of is the OLP MM1FR
How do you feel about Jacksons? The RR24 has an OFR but thats not everybody's thing.
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could check out a peavey wolfgang,

i think the OLP ya thinking of is the OLP MM1FR

i thik that the peavey wolfgang it more than my price range...
Check out Craigslist too in your area. If you know exactly what you're buying and you do your research you won't get screwed with a fake or something labeled incorrectly on purpose but it always is buyer beware as there are lots of damaged, faked and mislabeled guitars out there selling for more then they are worth. I got lucky, waited till I found the right one and bought my '86 Kramer Focus 1000 on CL for $240 and honestly I have not picked up a better guitar that has been able to match it.
If you wanna buy new though, Jackson makes really good guitars in the $700 range. Their licensed Floyd Rose trems are very good. It really depends what you want to buy, have knowledge in what you're buying and how much you wanna spend.

Here's one option

and here's the Jackson I was talking about (the prices on that vary according to the finish you want)
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What are you trying to achieve in buying a new guitar? Meaning what are you looking for in a guitar you want to buy? You said you want a guitar with an Original Floyd Rose. Well neither of those guitars have an OFR.
The OLP you posted the link to has a regular tremolo bridge and the Kramer Striker (which I own) has a "licensed" Floyd Rose, meaning its a legal knock off, made usually from cheaper materials and at a lower price. So far mine is holding up great and its a fun guitar to play. Having said that, with a floating bridge like on the Striker you cannot change tunings that easily and any changes in string gauge will require you to set up the bridge again so its parallel to the body when you tune it to your desired tuning.

To me it sounds like all you're set on it getting a guitar with an Original Floyd Rose and thats it. You said you wanted a metal/shredder guitar. That Jackson I posted a link of earlier is an awesome bet. The Kramer Striker is a great deal also for the price and is a great guitar for metal. Just make sure you understand what a Floyd Rose trem is exactly, the advantages and disadvantages, and have an idea how one that is set up to float works.

This is a great page on the OFR. Just gotta remember that just because it 'looks' like an OFR doesn't mean it is. http://vintagekramer.com/parts6.htm

Oh and by the way, OFR's are made by Schaller in Germany. Schaller has its own version of the Floyd Rose which is nearly identical except a few minor changes. Either one are top of the line. Some people prefer one over the other.
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Man the link is wrong, the OLP that i was talking about is a OLP MMF1 wich has OFR... but i dont know if it is a good guitar...
Do'nt get an epiphone, they;re low quality guitars made in 3rd, and 2nd world countries tops.

Jacksons are nice, although the OFR versions are pretty expensive.

If you end up getting an Ibanez, don't get anything other than Edge Pro...

Btw, I have the Wolfgang. It's a nice guitar, but it's really small and the trem can only go one way, down. I plan on getting a JS1200 or a KE2 Jackson sometime so I can pull back as well.