At the moment im planning on building a realy nice unique guitar. I'm going to make it in the shape of a scarab beetle with wings holding a sun. The neck would be comming out of its ass and the headstock would be a reverse teardrop shape mad to look like lapis lazuli. Now, this is my radical idea for a beautiful top: I would cut up a flame maple top and then stain the different pieces appropriate colours for a scarab beetle. Then i would stick these on and add somthing like a mother of pearl innlay. But is it a bad idea to cut up the top like that? Anyway if i do do it i think it would be one of the most amazing tops ever created :P. Thanks for reading.
as long as you're careful when cutting the peices, so that that they all fit back together cleanly, I don't really see a problem with it.
That's a pretty good idea.
Although I definately don't like the beetle shaped body idea (just personal preference, sorry, it's just really not my kind of thing...), I think that some kind of staned glass design in flamed/quilted maple on a guitar would be pretty sweet using that technique, though.
ive designed it so that its basicaly the shape of those warlock guitars but with the side oppsite the neck pointing out rather than in
beetle guitar.JPG
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yeh i send you i pic of my sketch. Its actualy not pointy at all i dont like pointy guitars either.
ive been thinking about doing something like this myself, except with a stained-glass type effect, all curly maple, each piece stained a different color, and ebony laminates in between each different color stain, to make it look like the solder on the glass windows, like what youd see in churches.
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as long as the grain is all facing the same way itd be doable.
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