What products are there on the market at the moment that are good for recording what I play?
I know Line 6 do some cool devices that allow you to play through your laptop and record but is there anything that lets you just play and record just like if you were plugged into a guitar tuner?

u can use cubase LE which is rly easy to use, and have a jakk to make your guitar lead go into your computer sound card, or you can buy a mixer (i have a alesis 8channel mixer) which are really useful and easy to use.
A line 6 toneport would be a good option. They plug right into your computer via a usb hub and record Vocals/Bass/Guitar and have a headphone jack so you can listen to it.Plus they go pretty cheap about 130 dollars over here.
Why do you want to record stuff?

Do you actually want high quality recordings, or just something to guage your progress/put down ideas?
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I have a headphone socket in the headphone slot of my amp and a jack plug to make headphones fit

I also have a wire that normally goes to my monitor and soundcard to make the speakers work

Plug one end into the amp jack in the headphone socket and the other into line in and I can record what I would hear out of the amp...but the amp speaker is disconnected as something is plugged in to the headphone socket...so I have to plug the headphones into the computer as normal and run the line-in input to the stereo output...it's a little tedious but it works great.