Some of it was very nice (props to you for that part) and some of it was average at best.
All in all, I liked it, and there was some pretty good skating there.
I liked the airwalk down the 4-stair.
Don't see that everyday, do ya?

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Nice ha ha. I thought at the beginning it was like a rick roll and was gonna play some lame 80s music video. But it was a good vid.
Pretty good.
Bit boring at SOME parts.
The pogo at 3.20 is great!

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A lot of the filming was awesome - I really liked the bit when you guys ollied over the camera haha. I guess you could make your style smoother; don't tic-tac so much, it looks, well, tacky. Bend your knees when you land stuff, keep your arms under control. Otherwise, that was fun to watch, keep it up!
That's some pretty cool moves you did there !
Keep it up , it was good!

I used to skate , but the board somehow always landed in my nuts so I quitted
Sonic The Hedgehog Theme = Awesome.
As for skateboarding, pretty cool I guess. I'm not that much of a fan.
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