Boss' pitch shifting stomp box, used to play in different keys, yadda yadda yadda, in theroy could it be used for Vocals? As in run a Bal - Unbal cable to and from the pedal and it could be used to make you sing in tune, or in different keys?

Just a thought i had, would it work?
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In theory, yes. In reality, I doubt it would sound great at all. I don't find it that great of an effect for guitar, so I can't imagine what it make vocals sound like. Leave the vocal pitch bends for Pro Tools, I say.
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I've put my vocals through a Digitech Whammy before, got some interesting results.
techically yes... but you'd probably mess up the vocals
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You'd sound like Munga Honourable if you did that.

(Look him up on YouTube - popular Jamaican dance artiste well-known for his overuse of the pitch bending effect).
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I agree, it would sound very Mars Volta-ish. Especially if you mix it with the dry signal.


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