Poll: Do you use the normal music notation when reading a book of Guitar TAB?
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View poll results: Do you use the normal music notation when reading a book of Guitar TAB?
Always! I prefer traditional music to reading the TAB every time.
4 11%
Sometimes - I get the rhythm/feel of the music from the normal stave and the notes from the TAB.
23 64%
Never - I only ever use the TAB stave and just look at the lyrics on the vocal line.
8 22%
I much prefer the ASCII TAB on Ultimate-Guitar to reading TAB books.
7 19%
Voters: 36.
Decided that a poll would be a more interesting way to answer this question:

When was the last time you actually used the normal music notation (either the guitar stave above the TAB or the top line vocal stave) when playing through the music in a book of guitar TAB?
Notation+TAB all the way. I use the Tab to learn the song and look at the notation to get an idea of how to play it. I do want to eventually learn how to read the notes as well, but not now. I'm too lazy.
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always standard notation, not just because it's obligatory, but it grants a look inside the entire section, and you can immediately see what's happening.. tab is only good for a suggested fingering.. can also be usefull, but i prefer playing it all my own way anyway..
but actually the main reason is because tabs are always sloppy and/or incorrect, whilst standard notation is pretty much always correct..

i stil lprefer my ears though
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Quote by Funkicker
i stil lprefer my ears though

Same here, but it'll be interesting to see what the UG community at large has to say abiout this issue, especially considering the range of musical backgrounds and talents that use this site.
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Apologies for crap forum etiquette in trying to keep this thread near the top (would love to make it a sticky but appreciate the cheekiness of that suggestion) but i'm sooooo curious to gauge the general outlook of musicians on this topic, particularly since guitarists tend to differ so much more in their requirements and playing habits than other instrumentalists.

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