I've got a school project due in a few days, and it's based on Romeo and Juliet. I've been assigned to the music group, as we're putting on a fare, and I was hoping to play a few songs from back then, problem is, It's kind of hard to find songs like that, so I'm hoping you nice folks at UG can help me out. What I'm looking for is Italian or English Renaissance/Medieval songs I could play on the guitar. I'd really appreciate it, this is going to be worth a huge part of my grade, so I REALLY need it. Thanks
Man, you're sure you wanna do this? This is no small task.

I followed a few threads to this article:
Here is the 'intro':

But really you could use some slow pieces of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. If you play it on two or three accoustic guitars you should get a very decent mood-setting and nobody would notice it's really from the wrong era.

You can buy the tabs here:
The free excerpt is already a good start.