I'd recommend you check out Schecter for 7-strings, they have a longer scale than the Ibanezes which adds clarity to the low B, and the somewhat higher end ones are made of mahogany which is so much fuller sounding than basswood. Plus I think 7-string RG's look a bit disproportionate but that's just me.
The Apex is the favorable one.
Better pickups, better bridge, and imho plays a lot smoother.
I really like my 7321 but the Apex should be better. I haven't played it but ZC3rror and J rock apparently have. I'd take their word for it.
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Out of those two, get the Apex. I honestly hate how it looks (the color and the bridge ****ing kill it, IMO) but quality wise, it beats the other.

Check out Shecters, though.
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get the FR version of the loomis....mmm loomis

That guitar is amazing, the Schecter C-7 Hellraiser Jeff Loomis sig. guitar is awesome, just........awesome.
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