from wat cm to wat cm is ur finger considered long?
average? short? uber short?
anyone know? (use cm)

and also...
if u have short fingered is it destined u will suck balls and be unable to play alot of stuff?
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Jimi Hendrix didn't have fingers, he used his teeth

well he had fukn long fingers too
It's got a lot more to do with how big your whole hand is if you want to play the way jimi hendrix did. Especially how big your thumb is. But if you play with the thumb on the back of the neck, then you will probably have more trouble than most players, but once your fingers become flexible you'll be fine. You'll probably look a bit 'un-manly' though.
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Jesus titty-fucking Christ that was painful to read.

Maybe you should get your eyes checked, sounds like you're straining them to hard.
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Your sentence constructing skills are truly flawless.

Oh, and just because you can't play some stuff because you have too small hands or whatever, doesn't make you "suck balls" at guitar playing.