Looks legit to me but you really can't see the headstock in that photo, see if you can get a seriel number, then check that with Gibson, then you'll know if it's legit
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The price isn't really all that low for the "faded" series. They only sell for about $1700 new.
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Maybe because it's an ugly Les Paul??

It's not that bad, plus everyone has there own taste's.

It isn't that cheap if you ask me.
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If that's an actual STANDARD Faded then the price is 'okay' for used. It's not an amazing bargin though.
If it turns out to just be a Faded (not Standard Faded) though then that's a total rip-off.
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For serious. We really can't tell you much without pics of the front and back of the headstock, and better pics of the body wouldn't hurt, either.
Looks legit to me.
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the price is ok for a used standard faded, at least judging from the pic it should be a standard cus of it's flame top. ask him why he is selling it new when he could have prob just taken it back to the shop and got enother guitar. try to get the price down a bit more if u can, like 100$ off would be good.