didnt know were else to put this, hope its the right group.


does anyone know if it is possiable to write polyrythems in guitar pro 5? if so i cant figure out how to do it and cant find anything about how to do it, so im guessing you cant.
Probably belongs in tab talk? I could be wrong though. Yeah I've looked around heaps to see if you can and I don't think its possible.
I thought poly rhythms was where the rhythm is made to feel like its a in a different time signiture that it actual is. Im guessing stuff like that is pritty hard to work out and put down on a score.

What Im trying to say is, there is n need for an option for poly rhythms because it just uses the basic notes you need to create a score anyway.
Just leave it in 4/4 and work around it. It's tedious work but very much doable.

And it's not like there's a time signature called 'polyrhythm'. The whole point is that you're creating new ones in existing time signatures, there's never going to be a convenient button to press.
Even though the bar might read 4/4, you can put in 3 notes in that bar and extend them and link them to the next bar for a 3/4 feel for example.

It gets tricky but you can do this with lots of time signatures.
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what i ment was to have one instrument in a time sig, say 4/4 and another instrument in say 5/4. tried switching them like that but once you put a instrument in a time sig it switches all others to that in the bar.

oh well ill just have to do the math and figure it out in one time sig.