I have been looking for a used MIA of MIJ/CIJ strat and I think I may have come up with what I am looking for. I found a 2007 MIA strat in my favorite color/combo (olym white w/ maple fretboard). It comes with everything that it came with stock as well as Callaham block & saddles, Lindy Fralin Blues Special pickups, and a Complete Premium Vintage Strat® Style Electronics Upgrade Kit. He is also going to throw in the original pups, block and saddle for no additional cost. The guitar is in perfect working order with no visual flaws. He is asking $550 for everything. I find this to be an amazing deal but if I am wrong please let me know what you think! Would I be crazy to pass this up?
Yes, you would. That's a great guitar for a fantastic price.. I'm jealous.


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Ya I feel like this is an unbelievable deal. I don't know much about Lindy Frailin pickups but my research tells me that besides the price, they are very highly regarded. I may just have to make the 3 hour drive to go pick this bad boy up. I had all intentions of finding a strat body and building to my own spec but this is almost exactly what I want at most likely a fraction of the cost. Not to mention I could sell the extras to offset some of the cost.
i own a 2007 american standard MIA strat (sunburst, rosewood as per color) and i am really really satisfied.
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GODDAMMIT! Everything is so damn cheap in America! would cost me so much for that in england.
you don't think that is TOO cheap do you? Seems almost too good to be true with upgrades at price. Do you have any pics or serial number and why does he want to sell it? I just hope there is nothing wrong with it.

Good luck - sounds like a great deal.
Check serial number and make sure it's authentic.
Play the guitar at the seller's house and make sure electronics are working! Check all knobs and toggle switches etc. etc. are sturdy and working.

Possible to get pics and upload them here?
Well from the sounds of it is this a craigslist deal where you go to the owners place? If so I'm sure he'll be able to try it out before buying and tell for himself if it's the real deal or not.
if it is a strait up deal he shouldn't have any problems with sending you detailed pics and serial number. If it is an '07 that means he or whoever originally owned it paid close to 1,000 for it if not more + the cost of those upgrades.

if he is selling it because he needs cash or it doesn't suit his style then you could be the winner. be preparred to pay a little more than that if other people start bidding it up yo

If its legit I would jump on this if I were you. Considering MIA strats are +$1000 new.
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Ya it is a local paper thing so I will be testing it out and looking it over before buying. He is sending me pics and serial# tonight after he gets off work. I will have to drive home from school (about 3 hours). That being said are there any other things I should look for over email to insure that I don't make a 3 hour trip to find a dud. As long as I have the serial # there shouldn't be much of a way that he could be ripping me off is there? I will have the opportunity to play it and all first.
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Well, I think your only concern would be that it is possible to put a real strat neck on a fake and the fact that it sounds like a lot of the hardware has been replaced so it will be difficult to tell.

Maybe he'll let you upload your pics from from his PC to here. HA!

that sounds a great deal. lindy fralin pickups are superb. i don't know how you make sure it's all legit other than checking the serial number and the 'made in usa' lettering on the headstock, and obviously these could be faked.

go for it, at $550 there is nothing to lose.
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Ok guys. I talked to the seller once again. Here is exactly what I would be getting:

- 2007 Fender American Stratocaster
- Hardshell Case
- 10' cord
- Callaham Trem block & Original Fender Trem Block
- Callaham Bridge Saddles & Original Fender Bridge Saddles
- A Set of Lindy Fralin Blues Special pickups & The set of American Stratocaster Pickups

I have attached some photos at the end. Tell me what you think. One note though: I think faking this guitar would be a bit hard as he would have had to have taken an American neck and then transferred that to a mexican or other body. However, the body is the fender olympic white, not arctic white that is offered on a lot of the MIM bodies. Not only that, he is including the original pickups (American) and the signature hard case that comes with the Americans. Are there any other methods of insuring it is not a fake? Although honestly at 550$ even if it was MIM with all the upgrades it could possibly be justified. Any feedback is appreciated.

The serial # is Z6111836 by the way. Anyone know a site I can go to to validate this #?

buy it defiantly and Lindy Fralin Blues Specials are 250$ in themselves. Plus thats just a great guitar.
its really is a great guitar..i have a 2008 one and i love it....also that serial numbber means its a 2006 right (z6)
Ya I checked that fender site out but I couldn't find any updated info on the "Z" serial numbers. I am going to be making the drive tomorrow hopefully. Thanks again for all the advice. I want to ask again just in case anyone missed anything but other than playing it, inspecting it thoroughly (switches, neck, pickups, etc) is there anything I should look for that I may otherwise miss?

neck and frets, maybe look behind back plate.

are you taking your own amp and pedal or you playing thru his gear? also, obviously play withou amp too.

did you check: guitardaterproject.org? that is where i found the info i posted above. It is an '06. You might want to mention that to him to show him how serious you are - but i wouldn't call him out on it. not for that price.

i'm sure it will be fine, but it is soooo cheap. giddy up!

Ya well I just talked to him and I am driving down there Thursday to pick er up (after I inspect/play). I am going to be bringing my valveking practice amp to play it through just to make sure it sounds good to my ear. I should have mentioned that he stated originally that he just bought it new in 2007 so I assumed it was a 2007. I don't think he was trying to be misleading. He sounds like he knows his stuff he says he simply does not play any longer and therefore sees the need to sell it. I'm pumped to get this. This will be the second great deal I have stumbled upon in the last 2 months. I recently purchased a lite ash tele that was "blemished" for $400 new. I am definitely not good enough to justify these guitars...off I go to practice .
Just out of curiosity, what would be a fair price for both the seller and buyer? In other words I am wondering what the value of the guitar is and how good a deal I am getting. I haven't done much research on American fenders as I didn't think I would be able to afford them. Assuming the guitar is in mint condition as the seller states, what is the value of an american strat with the listed upgrades?
I saw one go for 500 in my area. I wish I had more money.
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Just out of curiosity, what would be a fair price for both the seller and buyer? In other words I am wondering what the value of the guitar is and how good a deal I am getting. I haven't done much research on American fenders as I didn't think I would be able to afford them. Assuming the guitar is in mint condition as the seller states, what is the value of an american strat with the listed upgrades?

Dude, that looked like a sweet ride. If there were no major issues with it i would think $800 - 1,000 or more. Maybe 700-900 idk?

the thing has barely had a chance to break in and with those upgrades???

there almost has to bee something wrong with it or the guy is desperate for cash and has no buyers. i REALLY hope i'm wrong!

Ya well keep your fingers crossed for my sake. I am going to check it out on Thursday and hopefully come home with it. I really am going to search it to find ANYTHING wrong with it. Again, though, it seems like with the fender hardshell case and the fact that it is olympic white, not arctic white (I dont think they make any olympic white MIM fenders) seems like the effort he would have to put into it would not be worth it. Also, with the excess pickups it still wouldn't be a bad deal if it were MIM, which I doubt it is. Also he sent me close to 10 pics of different angles and whatnot with 2 pics of the serial number. I honestly don't know where else to look to validate.