you reckon this is a good combo for starter packet ?
I'm mostly into metal , going from hard rock to symphonic and from soft rock to death metal.

I would pay 400 euros , that's aprox 600US dollars( id the currency is still 1.5usd to 1€
behringer amps suck ass for death metal tones....
and even in general... Behringer sucks ASS!!
im not saying this coz i heard it somewhere, but coz i know as i have played with/owned behringer products
and as for a starter guitar, yeah the cort evl x4 is good, but i'd say try something like jackson JS series or ibanez RGs u can get a jackson js series guitar and a peavy backstage amp (10watt) for the same price probably

the jackson js guitars = 285 - 300euros (max 300)
and peavy backstage - 50euros ..
this is the price of it where i live...