you think you know me by:kevin dupuis

you think you know me?
there is everything you know before your eyes?
if you knew me then you would truly see
my face is a mask of hatred
my uncontrollable urges, unstoppable voices in my head
they make me a killer
know you know what you do, are you scared?
do you wanna run, hide, leave the city?
if you do, ill kill your family
just for the extra work you've given me
soon your eyes will be open
to what i truly am

people see me, get to know me, then leave me
saying they can't handle my thought
they say i am in there dreams
they can't get away
you can't get away, you won't
the voice in my head wont let you
i let one get away once
see this scar up my wrist?
I'd be punished again if i let another

thee is a war within us all
we fight ourselves everyday
we wake up, and look in the mirror
deciding what to be that day
we all have that voice talking to us
mine is just a little more elaborate
yours is just a bit toned down
you see, you are, in a way, like me
is it a song or more or a poem?

As a song i dont think it works. I can't see how it would be sung, and i can't feel a rhythm to it.

There's certainly an idea there but i think it needs a bit of work.
Professional Mixing available at request.

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i was just bored and i wrote down my thoughts i dont know what it is. with a little more work i may be able to put in some rythm to make it a song. but whatever.