Hey, ive been looking to get a couple of delay pedals then the line 6 DL4 and noticed it could save 3 preset dealy sounds.

Does that mean you can set three different delays all at the same time?
say if i wanted to loop a guitar that had a slight delay on it then wanted to overdub a reverse guitar solo could i do that all with the one pedal or does it just save different settings to switch between?

How do you save the settings into the pedal?

Do you think this pedal is decent for the price or would i be better off getting 3 cheap (say berhinger or danelectro) pedals in stead?
I've heard reliability problems. The PCB is meant to be directly below the footswitch's so I wouldn't stomp too hard. Yes you can save 3 delays at the same time, but I've no idea about using them all at once. I would guess not.
Ive heard things about reliabitly as well, not sure how id get around that problem, maybe adding some thing between the switch and pcb - unless the switch is mounted to the pcb, to try and stop and problems of the pcb breaking.

does any one actaully own it?
you can save 3 different delays but you can only use one of them at once, and to save the settings you just step down on the switch for 3 seconds, try and go used if you can aswell, its a great pedal but for the new price its very expensive
I don't know of any delay pedals that allow you to have 2 delay settings at once. That doesn't mean there aren't any, but at least I don't know of any.
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