I am new to the forum and this is my first post but I have been hanging out here a while.

I am looking for a pedal to boost my amp. And was wondering what would be the best pedal for this. I know the Maxon od-808 and the Ibanez TS-808 are really good but I haven't tried any of them out. What I'm trying to do is tighten up my dual rect for some of the heavier stuff that my band plays. And I know bands like Killswith and Bullet do use overdrives in front of their amps to do this. And info on which one would work the best would be great.
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IMO, tubescreamers and (most) clones are slightly over-rated, especially if you're looking at the ts-808. If you're dropping that kind of money, save yourself a few bucks and get a Fulltone OCD. It's more versatile and sounds better.
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KsE uses the maxon if thats what you are looking for, im guessing the ibanez will sound pretty close
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