I've seen this kind of thing like a thousand times but i've always wondered if it has a name or something.Oh by the way i got it from enter sandman solo.

EDIT: lol sorry for the lines it didnt copy properly but by the way it doesnt have anything on the G,D,A or E strings
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Well the 'p' refers to a pull-off - when you lift your finger off from a higher fret to automatically play a note at a lower fret at which your other finger is placed. you just pick the higher fret and then just lift off that finger and put another finger on a lower fret.

Like in your case - 17 to 14. For eg - u keep pinky finger on 17 and index on 14. u pick 17th fret but then just lift ur finger off 17 to put the other one on 14. Its gives a flow to it. For more information about it, just search for hammer ons and pull-offs.
yeas i know what the pull offs are and the hammer ons and i can play it properly i was just wondering if the technique is called anything
Yes, just a lick, riff, phrase - whatever you want to call it, with some pull-offs.

I suppose you could name it the Fast, Triplet Pulloff "Technique" or something goof like that. Bascially, it's just part of playing guitar...
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maybe like a triplet/triad thing, i know what your talking about, there is a name for it, i just cant remember it
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umm i think it's called the zakk wylde

No, that's more like *pinch harmonic*
this are triads. you know, root, third, fifth? The notes how make up a chord?

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