Hi guys!

So today I was flicking through my latest Total Guitar and saw the Eastwood Mandocaster http://www.eastwoodguitars.com/Other/mandocaster/mandocaster_frm.htm

that got me thinking. I mean itd be so cool to have one. What i am not digging, however, is the £159 price tag. I know it's not much, but for just screwing around it is lol.

So i thought, make one! Well i was searching around google for tutorials and what not but found surprisingly little.

However, i did find an idea for converting a 'Mini' Guitar into an 'Octave' Mandolin (8 strings) http://www.emando.com/builders/Randy_Cordle_EOM.htm

This seems like a really good idea. However, i find that tutorial frighteningly difficult to understand.

Really, at the moment, i want to know the following :

a)what do i do about a bridge for it?
b) why do i have to change the neck?

Also, id like to know if anyone has ever had a go at either making one from scratch or converting to one.


Tom (db)
as far as a bridge, i always thought that if i were to recreate his ministrat-to-mandocaster transformation, instead of making saddles and modifying the bridge like he did, i'd just use a normal mandolin bridge and tailpiece. seems much easier to me.

the reason he sands the neck down is that it is made for the width of six strings and in order to comfortably play a 4 string instrument (i know, 8 string, but essentially four sets of two) the neck needs to be thinned out. basically you do this so you don't have a bunch of empty space on the top and bottom of your fretboard.

this is probably the cheapest way to get an electric mandolin, although it is an octave lower so it won't sound like a true mando. honestly though, the price tag for that eastwood isn't half bad, theres a video demo of it on youtube, it sounds pretty good too.
Ok, well would a wood nut for a regular mandolin be alrite on like a mini guitar?
Would it work?
Would the strings wreck it?

Im new to this sort of stuff and i havent got a clue lol.

wood nut? do you mean a wood bridge? it should work fine, yeah. i'd definately recess it if you need to so your string height isn't so high over the fretboard, but it should work fine.
Yeah, i meant bridge. When i posted that i was up to my eyeballs in sites for guitar parts and they al melded into one lol.

Oh well then thats great. Thankyou.

I really hope i do this lol.